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AXIOM 7 (E70365-03-CSA)
A powerful multi-function navigation system from Raymarine. With built-in RealVision 3D sonar, the all new LightHouse 3 operating system, and blazing fast quad core performance, Axiom will transform your time on the water.

Axiom is expandable, so its capabilities can grow, as needed. It supports the full range of Raymarine accessories, including Quantum radar, CHIRP Sonar, FLIR thermal cameras, audio integration, instruments, cameras, and Evolution autopilot. Standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows connection to the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and smartphones (a future LightHouse 3 software update required for mobile app compatibility).

Axiom includes surface and trunnion mounting kits, mounting hardware, power/data cable, and installation instructions.


- LightHouse 3 OS is fast, fluid, and easy to learn. An uncluttered interface is easily personalized for your style of navigating
- Rugged all-glass display optimized for flush or surface mounting. Sleek buttonless design with swipe-to-power control
- Support for the best charts from Navionics and LightHouse Raster and Vector Charts sourced from leading map makers like NV Digital, Blue Latitude, and more

Package Includes:

- 1 MFD (supplied with Trunnion Adaptor Fitted)
- 1 Trunnion Bracket
- 2 Trunnion Knobs
- 1 Sun Cover
- 1Trunnion Mount
- 1 Panel Mount Gasket for Surface/Flush Mounting
- 4 M5x58 Threaded Studs
- 4 M5 Thumb Nuts
- 1 Documentation Pack
- 1 Power/NMEA 2000 Cable (with 1.5m (4.92 ft) Power Lead and 0.5m (1.64 ft) NMEA 2000 Lead)



- Display Size: 7" Optically Bonded LCD
- Display Resolution: 800 x 480 WVGA
- Display Type: Multi-Touch
- Brightness: 1,200 nits
- Viewing Angle: 60
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Real Vision (A80475)
RealVision 3D Transducer Extension Cables work with both the transom mounted RV-100, as well as through-hull RV-200 and RV-300 series transducers. Each extension cable features a waterproof, twist-lock connector at the MFD end, and a compatible socket at the transducer end. For best performance, Raymarine recommends using no more than two (2) extension cables in any given cable run.
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Contour Elite (600014-2)
Bring trip planning into the information age with Contour Elite. This unique software lets you access high-definition Humminbird LakeMaster lake data on your PC. Advanced features combined with a user-friendly interface to let you search by fish species, by key fishing structures or design a custom search. Whether it's a fishing report, a friendly recommendation or your own experience, Contour Elite lets you quickly turn information into results.

Three key enhancements have been added to the version:

- Lake level adjustment: Contour depths and search results are adjusted based on water level.
- Add waypoints in 3D view: Now you can add waypoints while viewing the lake in the 3D viewer.
- Improvements in the find similar areas feature to provide more precise results.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.

Minimum PC Requirements:

- 1 Ghz Pentium 4 or Athlon CPU (2 Ghz recommended)
- 512 MB Ram (1024 MB Ram recommended)
- 10 GB Free hard drive
- Windows XP or greater
- DVD-ROM Drive


- Contour Elite is a computer product only, CD's are not compatible with GPS units
- Owners will only be able to view the maps using a compatible computer
- Only the digital SD map cards are compatible with Humminbird fish finders
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Electronic Chart (600032-1)
Humminbird AutoChart PRO for North America offers all the leading features of AutoChartbut with two key enhancements designed to give tournament anglers a competitive edge.

Bottom Hardness Indication delivers a crucial tip-off to where fish are hiding by identifying areas likely to hold fish based on the hardness of the bottom.

Side Imaging Mosaic allows you to overlay your Side Imaging returns onto your AutoChart map for a 3D visualization of fish-holding habitat. This feature gives anglers the ultimate understanding of the underwater world and what the structure looks like on their favorite fishing spots. With AutoChart PRO, you'll have all the tools you need to bring your next trophy into sight. *Both Bottom Hardness Indication and Side Imaging Mosaic are exclusive to AutoChart PRO.

Map coverage where you make it.

AutoChart PRO operates the same way as AutoChart by using proprietary software that takes your Humminbirds sonar returns and GPS to build custom lake charts. Create your own contour map on any lake in 3 simple steps:

- Record sonar data after inserting a blank SD card into your Humminbird Combo.
- Import your recordings into the AutoChart PRO PC program and convert your survey into a lake map.
- Export your map onto the Zero Lines Map Card (included) to display on any compatible* Humminbird.

*AutoChart PRO is optional for select ONIX, ION, 1100, 900, 800, and 600 Series models. Compatibility subject to change without notice.

Zero Lines Map Card: The starting point to your mapping adventure. The Zero Line is the place where the water meets the shore and the starting point for building your own maps. Included with the AutoChart PRO PC software is a 32 GB map card loaded with Zero Lines for millions of water bodies in North America. With these all-important Zero Lines as your foundation, you can begin creating your own, accurate and detailed maps of any fishing spot, even where contour coverage doesn't exist. Once your AutoChart map is created, the only way to view the contours on a compatible Humminbird fish finder is by loading them onto a Zero Lines Map Card.

Now use i-Pilot Link on any lake when you create contours with Humminbird AutoChart PRO.

Humminbird AutoChart PRO enables you to use Minn Kota i-Pilot Link on previously unmapped bodies of water after you create contours with the revolutionary AutoChart PRO PC Software. The i-Pilot Links innovative Follow the Contour feature will direct the trolling motor to follow a specific depth contour. The chosen contour line can be automatically followed in either direction, or stay a set distance from that contour or shoreline with Contour Offset.


- Additionally, with AutoChart PRO generated contours, you'll have access to all the detail and features of Humminbird LakeMaster charts including:
- Depth Highlight (Depth Highlight Range)
- Water Level Offset
- Shallow Water Highlight
- Mark, Import, and Export waypoints
- i-Pilot Link functionality


- United States: Over 140,000 named water bodies and over 1.75 million unnamed water bodies
- Canada: Over 96,000 named water bodies and over 3.85 million unnamed water bodies
- Detailed Coastal shoreline for United States
- Create your own detailed shoreline using aerial imagery within AutoChart PRO PC
- 32 GB SD card with over 16 GB of free space to maintain your custom maps
- Card must be present to get the detailed zero line base map to display in AutoChart PRO PC
- All Humminbird units will require software update
- Can purchase additional zero lines cards as needed, available soon
- AutoChart PRO maps will overlay LakeMaster maps on HB unit that have two card slots

Minimum PC Requirements:

- 512 MB Ram*
- 10 GB Free hard drive
- Windows XP (sp3) or greater
- DVD-ROM Drive

Note: 1024 MB RAM Recommended
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Micro SD w/Adapter (600011-3)
The Humminbird LakeMaster Western States Edition Version 2 Map Card combines the best fishing waters for Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming all on one micro map card with SD adapter. Version 2 brings the ground-breaking technology of "Follow the Contour" to your fingertips. The micro map card's feature, when combined with a compatible i-Pilot Link system, allows you to choose a path directly on or offset from any contour and automatically navigate it letting you focus on fishing more than ever before.


The Western States Map Card has coverage on over 1,150 total lakes with 77 in High Definition contours. Some of the region's most popular lakes include High Definition data for:

- Pleasant, AZ
- Clear, CA
- Don Pedro, CA
- Isabella, CA
- Oroville, CA
- Shasta, CA
- Plus so many others!
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HotMaps Platinum (MSD/HMPT-N6)
HotMaps Platinum gives you detailed maps of 17,000 lakes and growing with the addition of 3D Views, Panoramic Lake Photo, Top-down Satellite Imagery and exclusive 1 foot contouring on 1000 hi-definition survey lakes. Designed with the tournament angler in mind Navionics 1' contours combined with road beds, foundations, bridges, brush piles, culverts and creek channels, and other underwater structure will complement the world
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Update (MSD/NAVU-NI)
Navionics Updates delivers the most convenient way to update your Navionics charts and upgrade to all the features of Navionics+. Boaters and anglers alike will enjoy the most up-to-date marine and lake charts in huge regions, 1' HD contours with SonarChart in fresh- and saltwater settings, and daily updates for 1 year. You can even use other manufacturers
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Mid South States (600009-5)
The unmatched accuracy and detail of Humminbird LakeMaster give you a serious edge. Patented features include the ability to select and highlight a specific depth range, the option to shade shallow water ranging from zero to 30 feet, and the power to synchronize depth chart contours and shorelines with the current water levels of lakes, reservoirs and rivers. With these exclusive features and more, you'll have everything you need to make your time on the water more productive.

Humminbird LakeMaster Mid-South States, Version 3 features many freshwater lakes in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi, all on one micro card and SD adapter map card. Version 3 includes detailed coastal shoreline from Texas to Mississippi that allows anglers with i-Pilot Link to follow the shoreline at a specified offset for hands-free fishing in shallow coastal areas. Great for fishing around mangroves, islands and inter-coastal waterway shorelines.

The Mid-South States Edition map card added over 80 new lakes to the previous version and features over 300 total lakes with contours, of which 212 are now high-definition lakes, including these highly requested bodies of water:

- Beaver, AR
- Sardis, MS
- Sardis, OK
- Fort Gibson, OK
- McGee Creek, OK
- Bull Shoals, AR-MO
- Table Rock, AR-MO
- Toledo Bend, TX (Partial HD)
- Ross Barnett, MS
- Pickwick, MS
- Plus many more!
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Smart Strike (600035-2)
Humminbird SmartStrike takes you straight to the action by showing you where the fish are biting at any given moment. This powerful software program contained on the SmartStrike map card allows anglers to utilize Humminbird LakeMaster High-Definition map data and extension search algorithms to pattern and locate fish like never before.

Based on search parameters like fish species,season,time of day,and temperature,the SmartStrike engine searches depth ranges,type of structure,proximity,and more to quickly reveal and highlight the results on the lake map.Build a custom search besed on criteria you choose,or click any location on a lake,select Find Similar Areas,and millions of data points are searched to return other areas like it.


- Shallow Water Highlight
- Depth Highlight
- Water Level Offset
- Follow the Contour/with iPilot equipped Minn Kota trolling motor


- Covers: Great Lakes,Michigan,Indiana,Ohio,Kentucky,and Tennessee
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Plus Chart Plotter (MSD/NAV+NI)
Navionics+ is a powerful electronic chart solution for Navionics customers that provides greater content and access to more marine areas and lakes than other products on the market, and ensures that content remains up to date. With Navionics+, customers can select and download any amount of content from 1 of 7 extensive global regions including the Caribbean and Central and South America. The U.S. & Canada region, for example, allows boaters to choose both freshwater and saltwater charts throughout the entire region. In addition, Navionics+ gives boaters the ability to easily enhance their charts with the sonar logs they collect; one year of Freshest Data updates that includes Nautical Charts, SonarCharts and Community Edits; and the ability to sync with Navionics mobile and web apps. 16 GB card and USB reader included.


- Choose coverage where you need it most
- Visit Navionics.com to select and download any amount of content from 1 of 7 extensive global regions
- Freshwater and saltwater charts
- Enhance your charts with sonar logs you collect
- Includes 1 year of Freshest Data Updates, including Nautical Charts, SonarCharts and Community Edits
- Sync with Navionics mobile and web apps


- 16 GB card
- USB reader
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AXIOM 9 (E70366-00-NAG)
The Axiom is a powerful multifunction navigation system from Raymarine. The Axiom 9 features a 9" glass touchscreen display with Raymarine's powerful LightHouse 3 operating system and a supercharged quad-core processor.

The Axiom 9 comes with a built-in GPS receiver. It is bundled with Navionics+ Charts for North America with full coastal coverage for the USA and Canada, plus over 80,000 inland ponds, lakes and rivers. The Navionics+ charts are also compatible with advanced features like SonarChart Live and Dock-to-dock Autorouting. Axiom 9 also works with wide array of raster and vector electronic charts from C-MAP and LightHouse Charts.

Axiom 9 is expandable so its capabilities can grow as needed. It supports the full range of Raymarine accessories including Quantum radar, CHIRP Sonar, SiriusXM marine weather, audio integration, instruments, cameras, and Evolution autopilot. Axiom 9 also features standard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so it can connect with the latest Raymarine apps for tablets and Smartphones.

The Axiom 9 includes surface and trunnion mounting kits, mounting hardware, power/data cable, 1m SeaTalk hs network cable, NMEA2000 network adapter and installation instructions.


- Rugged, All-Glass touch screen display delivers a big screen experience in a small footprint. Optically bonded for brighter colors, sharper contrast, and sunlight visibility
- LightHouse 3 OS is fast, fluid, and easy to learn. An uncluttered interface that is easily personalized for your style of navigating.
- Fast 10 Hz 72 Channel GPS/GLONASS Receiver for rapid position and heading updates and smooth on screen tracking.
- Navionics+ Charts Included. Axiom 9 also supports C-MAP, as well as LightHouse Raster and Vector Charts from leading map makers like NV Digital, Blue Latitude, and more.
- Navigate Safely at Night with the optional FLIR M100 and M200 compact marine thermal cameras.
- Quantum CHIRP Radar Ready - Superior solid state CHIRP radar delivers no compromise performance on long and extremely short ranges.
- Marine Audio Control - Turn up the volume and control NMEA2000 compatible marine audio systems like Rockford Fosgate.
- Ready to Network with Raynet Ethernet and NMEA2000. Connect multiple Axiom displays or expand with Quantum, HD radar, IP cameras, engine gauges, autopilots, instruments, and more.
- Built-in Wi-Fi lets you to stream and control Axiom right from your smartphone or tablet. You can also sync Axiom's waypoints, routes, and charts with Navionics mobile apps.


- AXIOM 9 MFD (supplied with Trunnion adaptor fitted)
- Trunnion bracket
- Trunnion knobs x 2
- Suncover
- Panel mount gasket for surface/flush mounting
- Rear mounting brackets
- Documentation pack
- Power/NMEA 2000 cable (with 1.5 m (4.92 ft) power lead and 0.5 m (1.64 ft) NMEA 2000 lead)
- M5x58 Threaded studs x 4
- M5 Thumb nuts x 4
- Navionics Nav+ US & Canada Charts MSD


- Display Size: 9.0" Optically Bonded LCD
- Display Resolution: 800 x 480 WQVGA
- Screen Type: Touchscreen
- Mounting Options: Top / Flush / Bracket / Rear Mounting
- Networking: 1 x 10/100 Mbits/ Network (RayNet)
- Waterproofing Standard: IPX6 and IPX7
- Memory Card Slots: 1x MicroSD
- Bluetooth Bluetooth: 2.1 + EDR power class 1.5 (supports AVRCP 1.0)
- Radar Compatible: Yes
- Thermal Night Vision Compatible: Yes
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eSeries Fish Finders (E70275-NAG)
The Raymarine E70275-NAG eS98 9in Multifunction Display is powered by Raymarine's advanced LightHouse II user interface, offering unprecedented ease-of-use and control in a sleek and ergonomic design. The Raymarine E70275-NAG eS98 9in Multifunction Display boasts an attractive, glass bridge-style design that blends seamlessly with modern helm stations, allowing for both low profile console and completely recessed flush mounting options. Includes Navionics+ North American Coast + 18k Lake Charts.


- Super bright displays (1250 nits) with optical bonding technology deliver sharper colors and contrast
- Powered by Raymarine's powerful LightHouse II operating system
- HybridTouch - Responsive touch screen control with pinch to zoom or simple keypad interaction using the new multifunction rotary control and keypad
- Sleek glass bridge design with 3 mounting options: Surface, bracket, or (optional) fully recessed flush mounting
- Easy to use, customize, and expand. Network the eS Series with any LightHouse II powered display
- Engineered for the future with regular LightHouse enhancements and updates
- Access your eS Series from anywhere on board with built in Wi-Fi that allows you to stream to Raymarine's mobile apps and sync with the Navionics Boating app
- Choose from the very best charts by C-MAP, Navionics, and Raymarine's ever-expanding LightHouse chart catalog
- Navionics Auto Routing using Navionics + or Navionics Platinum charts and support for Jeppesen Easy Routing using C-MAP 4D MAX+ charts
- The fast 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS internal receiver provides rapid chart position updates and faster satellite acquisition
- High performance side scanning sonar using the optional CP200 CHIRP SideVision sonar
- Sonar Command Center - view up to 4 independent sonar channels simultaneously, including the CP370 Digital and CP570 and CP470 CHIRP Sonars
- Ability to monitor and record onboard video with support for up to 10 video over IP cameras like the Raymarine CAM200IP
- Ability to Network with Raymarine Digital, HD Color, and Super HD Color radar systems
- Best-in-class automatic Bird Mode finds flocks of birds above schools of fish (HD radar only)
- Navigate safer at night with optional thermal night vision cameras and slew-to-cue target tracking
- Raymarine Evolution autopilots can be engaged and controlled directly from the eS Series chartplotter display
- Engine Integration - Complete Monitoring of engines, batteries, generators, and more. ECI-100 Universal Connectivity for Honda, Yamaha, Yanmar, and more. NMEA2000 compatible.
- Digital Switching- Vessel Automation and control system. Control navigation components, climate, lighting, entertainment, security , wipers, and much more.
- State-of-the-art digital power distribution


- Screen Size: 9"
- Display size: 11.80" W x 6.80 H
- Resolution: 800x480 Pixels
- Sonar: Built in CHIRP/DownVision Sonar
- Brightness: 1250 mits
- Voltage: 12V/24V DC (10.8V DC to 31.2V DC)
- Built-in GPS Sensor: 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS
- Ethernet: RayNet Ports-(x2)
- NMEA2000: SeaTalkng-(xl)
- NMEA0183 Input/Output: Yes
- Memory Slot: MicroSD (x2) up to 32GB each
- Charts: Includes Nav+ North America Coast + 18k Lakes Charts
- Wi-Fi for Mobile App Integration: Yes
- Bluetooth: Yes
- Waterproofing Standard: IPX6 and 7
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aSeries Fish Finders (T70247-NAG)
Powerful, go-anywhere navigation; aSeries multifunction displays deliver the speed and simplicity of LightHouse II in a fast and fluid touch screen experience. With extensive networking options, aSeries will put you in control of charts, sonar, radar and more.


- Swipe, Touch and Navigate - very simple. Powered by Raymarine's intuitive LightHouse user interface
- Super Bright LED Technology - sunlight viewable optically bonded display
- Sonar Capable - choose an aSeries with built-in digital sonar or built-in CHIRP DownVision sonar. Alternatively, network a CP100, CP300 and/ or CP450C module
- Designed for the way boaters think, Raymarine's exclusive LightHouse User Interface (UI), offers an incredibly easy-to-use navigation experience. LightHouse intuitively places frequently used navigation functions right at your fingertips
- Raymarine's most advanced chartplotter engine with pinch to zoom
- Internal 5hz GPS (10hz in a9 and a12 models) for fast and smooth vessel tracking
- The advanced LightHouse chart engine gives you the freedom to choose Navionics, C-MAP by Jeppesen or Raymarine LightHouse compatible charts
- Interact with your aSeries' responsive touch screen or take advantage of wired and wireless remote control options
- Access aSeries anywhere onboard with Raymarine apps. Play and control MP3 audio on your smartphone remotely using Bluetooth. Download Navionics charts and updates right from the Navionics Boating App on your phone. Sync with Navionics Boating App.

The Smarter Way To Fish:

- Dual-channel
- Deep water performance
- High speed resolution
- Simultaneous multiple sonar ready
- Transform aSeries into your sonar command centre
- View and control networked CHIRP, Digital, and DownVision sonars simultaneously
- Navionics Sonar Chart Support
- Record bathymetric data
- Create your own customized Navionics bathymetric fishing maps


- Screen Size: 9"
- Touch Screen: Multi Touch with Pinch to Zoom
- Aspect Ratio: 16:9
- Screen Resolution: 800x480

Networking and Compatibility:

- GPS: Built in 10Hz Fast Acquisition with GLONASS, WAAS / EGNOS /MSAS (Optional external GA150 antenna also available)
- CHIRP Sonar: Built in on a68, a78, a98 and a128 models
- CHIRP DownVision: Built in on a68, a78, a98 and a128 models
- Digital Sonar: Built in on a67, a77, a97 and a127 models
- Network Sonar Support: Yes
- Radar: Yes. Optional Radome or Open Array Scanners
- Thermal Night Vision: Yes
- Autopilot Control: Full control and integration with Evolution autopilots
- Video Input: Analogue and IP Video


- Chart Support: Raymarine LightHouse Charts, C-MAP by Jeppesen and Navionics
- Memory Card Reader: Dual MicroSD card reader for charts and data
- Waypoint Symbols: Over 70 unique waypoint icons
- Waypoint Memory: 3000 waypoints. 100 waypoints groups, each group can contain up to 3000 waypoints. Unlimited storage with optional microSD cards
- Data Transfer Options: GPX File Format / Raymarine. FSH Format / via Wi-Fi and Navionics Boating App


- Interfaces: Raynet Ethernet, SeaTalkng, NMEA 2000 (Adapter included), NMEA 0183 In/Out, Analogue Video In, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
- Mounting: Flush and bracket mount kits included
- Multi-Language: Yes
- Power Requirements: 12 or 24 Volt Systems
- Waterproof Rating: IPX6 and IPX7
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