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Diamond Grip Ice Trekkers (06007)
Diamond Grips provide aggressive traction for all winter walking conditions, from boilerplate ice to backcountry snow and everything in between. They are also effective when transitioning through gravel, rock and mud from icy surfaces. Made of case hardened steel alloy, and strung on steel aircraft cable, the patented Diamond Beads have hundreds of biting edges that grip in all directions. The bead assemblies are riveted to a tough rubber sling which remains elastic in subzero temperatures. They are easy to put on and take off, yet fit snugly and stay on without the need for additional straps. Diamond Grips are also self clearing, so there is no snow or ice build up. There is no other traction footwear product like it!

Large Fits The Following Shoe Sizes:

- Mens: 9.5 - 12.5
- Women: 10.5 and Up
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Pro (08609)
The Yaktrax Pro will instantly give you better traction, confidence and safety on packed snow or ice. Walk, run, or work on slick surfaces with the same stability you're accustomed to on dry surfaces. Don't let the winter weather put a damper on your outdoor activities or athletic training with the Yaktrax Pro!


- Spikeless, Ultra Lightweight Design
- 360
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Chains Ice Trekkers (08520)
Think of Ice Trekkers Chains as tire chains for your feet, perfect for all ice and snow conditions. Chains can be used on a variety of footwear and are comfortable for extended wear. The square links are individually TIG welded and made from case-hardened steel, enhancing traction on ice while still providing dependable traction on snow. The durable rubber sling is flexible in sub-zero temperatures and stays securely on footwear even in deep snow. Ice Trekkers Chains are a great value, offering durable traction at an affordable price.


- Size: Small
- Mens: 5 to 6
- Women: 5 to 7
- Color: Black
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Walk (08605)
The original Yaktrax design, Yaktrax Walk is a lightweight and easy to use ice-traction device. Perfect for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly, the Walk provides greater stability while walking on snow or ice. The Yaktrax Walk reduces the risk of falls and injuries while walking to school, work, or just to the mailbox!


- Walk Naturally on Packed Snow and Ice
- Spikeless, Ultra Lightweight Design
- 360
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Run (08161)
The Yaktrax Run is the only traction device anatomically designed to meet the needs of runners braving the winter elements. Run naturally on packed snow and ice with the Yaktrax Run's combination of removable spikes and steel coils, providing 360
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Spikes Ice Trekkers (08540)
Turn your shoes into a Zamboni, with Icetrekkers Spikes. Excellent for navigating icy streets, parking lots and driveways, Icetrekkers Spikes can be used with a variety of footwear. They are easy to put on and to take off, and stay on the footwear without the need for buckles or straps. Icetrekkers Spikes have 7-point contact on the ball and heel of the foot, providing grip even in glare ice conditions. Spikes are made with tungsten carbide - the same tough steel used in high speed router bits. For added durability, the tungsten carbide tips are encased in an alloy steel housing. Great for town and country use.


- Size: Small/Medium
- Mens: 3 1/2 to 7 1/2
- Women: 5 to 9
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Summit BOA (08440)
The Yaktrax Summit is a heavy-duty traction device that is essential for any winter hike or backcountry excursion. Its 3/8th inch triangular Carbon Steel Spikes bite into packed snow and ice, providing superior grip on sloped surfaces. Featuring the patented Boa Closure System, the Summit offers superior customized fit that is both comfortable and secure.


- Boa Closure System provides Fast, Comfortable, & Secure Fit
- Aggressive traction on packed snow and glacial ice
- Triangular spike design grips on sloped surfaces
- Segmented Sole Plates flex with foot and prevent snow build up
- Easy on, Easy off
- Rugged Heavy Duty Design
- Fits Most types of Footwear


- Size: Small (Mens 5-8.5, Womens 6.5-10)
- Spikes: High Abrasion Resistant Carbon Steel
- Chain Links: Welded Stainless Steel
- Outer Band: Natural Rubber
- Molded Elastomer Fittings: Natural Rubber
- Color: Blue
- Weight: 17oz.
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Trekker Series Snowshoes (80008)
Trekker Series snowshoes provide great traction and comfort on packed snow and moderate terrains. Great for enjoying long winter months hiking through trails and forest.


- Heel straps with quick release buckles that keep foot hold secure
- UV resistant polyethylene decking and bindings are flexible up to - 40
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Yaktrax BootBoot TrayBlack (08141)

The boot tray from Yaktrax is a great product for storing dirty footwear in your home or car.


- Durable and lightweight plastic
- Easy to clean and move as needed
- Great for the laundry pantry pet tray trunk porch and entry way

Color: Black

  • Boot Tray Black
  • Brand: Yaktrax

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Yaktrax BootBoot ScrubberBlack (08401)

Yaktrax boot scrubber with wood block and 2 side bristles and 1 bottom bristles can be easily mounted on any flat surface.


- Steel Wood
- Heavy duty boot scrubber
- Metal frame

  • Boot Scrubber Black
  • Brand: Yaktrax

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