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Fix-It Sticks Optics Mounting Kit (170567)
The Leupold Fix It Sticks Tactical Kit was designed to function as the ideal approach for shooters to improve their scopes. An effective piece of riflescope equipment can make an amazing addition for the scopes of shooters, and because of the , receiving a top quality bit of scope gear has never been less complicated. Crafted using some of the most effective materials accessible, these Riflescope Accessories from Leupold are the result of tireless initiatives to make sure you are shooting with the most effective the field is offering. Leupold has been producing high end gear for your scope for a long time, and the is the outcome of their endeavors to be certain you possess a great addition for your riflescope. For an ideally suited method to be sure that your already amazing scope is that much better


- All steel construction
- Neodymium magnets hold the nine interchangeable bits securely in place

Kit Includes:

- 25 in/lb and 65 in/lb torque limiter.
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Anti-Reflection Device (626004)
The Burris ARD Reflex Sight Anti-Reflection Device has been designed to give military and law enforcement professionals an edge in the field. This Red Dot Lens Cover by Burris reduces lens glare to provide greater concealment and detection prevention. The matte black finish on the Burris ARD Anti-Reflect Riflescope Device goes over the front optics of your red dot sight, so your position will not be given up to the enemy. This piece Burris Red Dot Gear is made of incredibly durable materials that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. For a great way to stay hidden in tactical environments, choose the Burris Anti-Reflection ARD Device.


- Finish: Matte
- Color: Black
- Fits: AR Tactical Sights
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Micro Tool (12207)
The Aimpoint Micro Tool is designed for maintaining and making adjustments to your Aimpoint red dot sight.


- For windage and elevation adjustment of the sight.
- For tightening/removing the sight from its integrated mount.
- For tightening/removing the battery cap.
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Base Shims Universal Holes (625050)
Burris Base Shims Univ, holes .330-.860, 1.240x.735x.015, 10ea

- .330-.860
- 1.240x.735x.015
- 10ea
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Lens Pen (48807)

A must-have accessory for your scope spotting scope or binoculars. This compact two-step cleaning system has a natural hair brush which is fully retractable for protection when not in use. The microfiber cleaning tip automatically replenishes itself with cleaning compound for effective cleaning without scratching.

Material: Black plastic


- Retractable brush on one end
- Chamois cleaning pad on the opposite end
- Cleaning pad is impregnated with a cleaning compound that is replenished when the lid is replaced


- Can be used on any optics such as binoculars glasses etc.
- Cleans fingerprints and dirt from the lens
- Non-Refillable

  • Scope Smith Lens Pen
  • Brand: Leupold

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LensPen (626050)

This lens pen features a retractable soft brush to remove dust and other large particles on one end the other end has a soft chamois pad impregnated with self-replenishing non-liquid cleaning compound that cleans lenses of oils fingerprints and moisture.

- Retractable soft brush to remove dust and other large particles
- Soft chamois pad with cleaning compound that cleans lenses of oils fingerprints and moisture
- Color: Black

  • Lens Pen
  • Brand: Burris

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Quick Release Binocular Harness (55895)

Leupolds X-treme binocular strap takes the weight off the neck and evenly distributes it across the back through the X shaped design of the strap keeping binoculars close to the body to prevent swinging.


- Style: X-style over the shoulders across the back and under the arms
- Material: Nylon reinforced elastic
- Color: Black

  • Quick Release Binocular Harness
  • Brand: Leupold

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ACOG Extra Screw and Washer Set, Black (TA30)
Trijicon ACOG Extra Screw & Washer Set.

Color: Matte Black
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Gunsmith Tool Kit (849717)
This kit is designed to address the most common firearm maintenance tasks. It includes a magnetic-tipped hex bit driver and a variety of tool bits to service different fasteners. Lengthening attachments make many hard-to-reach adjustments possible. All these crucial components are contained in a rugged, latched case for easy storage and transport.


- 36 piece set for many common gunsmithing jobs
- Durable hard-plastic case for easy storage and transportation when traveling
- Blow-molded accessory compartments keep all components secure and organized
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Gunsmith Tool Kit (849716)
Take care of all your gun repair needs at home or on the go with the Weaver Soft-Sided Tool Kit. Filled with the tools needed for a wide range of firearm repair jobs, this tool kit is like a portable gunsmith shopgiving shooters the extra confidence they need when away from their home bench. From scope mounting to firearm disassembly and more, the Weaver Soft-Sided Tool Kit is capable of tackling even the most difficult gun problems.


- Gunsmith quality tools
- Compact, soft side design for gunsmiths on the go
- Specific bits designed for gunsmithing applications
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Battery Cap (12221)
Battery cap (Comp M4)
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Tenebraex killFLASH Anti-Reflection Device (TA58)
Tenebraex killFLASH Anti-Reflection Device for 1.5x24, 1.5x16, 2x20 and 3x24 Compact ACOG Scope Models

Color: Black
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Eyeglass Repair Kit (9475)

Coghlans Eyeglasses Repair Kit has everything you need for minor emergency repairs to glasses when camping traveling work or home.


- Screw driver
- Magnifying glass
- 12 screws 2 sizes
- Vinyl case

  • Eyeglass Repair Kit
  • Brand: Coghlans

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Lens Cleaning Kit (FG-244)

The Lens Cleaning Kit contains everything necessary to preserve the quality and functionality of scopes rangefinders laser sighting devices binoculars cameras and eye wear.

Kit includes:

- Mohair lens brush
- Premium Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner
- Anti-Fog Lens Swabs
- Premium Lens Tissue
- Otis Lens Cleaning Cloth

  • Lens Cleaning Kit
  • Brand: Otis Technologies

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Hardware Rebuild Kit (iS9980)

The iScope Hardware Rebuild Kit is everything you need for those unexpected in the field repairs in one small package. Perfect for keeping in your range bag or your field bag to ensure your iScope is always ready to capture that perfect shot.

Kit Includes:

- 5 Thumb Screws
- 4 Screw Caps with Felt Pads
- 3 Allen Screws with wrench
- 2 Recoil Bands

  • Hardware Rebuild Kit
  • Brand: iScope

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OP Drops 1.25oz Cleaning Kit Tactical (44052)

Clear vision is critical for any operation or outdoor pursuit as fogging lenses or optics can be downright dangerous. Thats why you should carry the anti-fog power of Op Drops by McNett Tactical on every mission.

Op Drops Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaning System is a gentle alcohol-free cleaner designed to keep all of your lenses optics and eyewear free of frustrating fog. Squeeze the Op Drops lens cleaning formula on binoculars sunglasses spotting scopes helmet visors goggles and eye shields. Then wipe with the attached microfiber cleaning cloth which doubles as a carrying pouch for lint-free cleaning power. Your lenses will be clean clear and protected against fogging.

Fog-free clear vision is a must for every outdoor adventure. Get it fast with Op Drops.

  • OP Drops 1.25oz Cleaning Kit Tactical
  • Brand: McNett

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RCO-M150 Thumbscrew Assembly Black (TA54A)
Replacement thumbscrew for the TA31RCO-M150CP

Color: Black
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Hardware Replacement Kit (iS9979)

The hardware replacement kit is every thing you need for everyday use to ensure your iScope will capture that perfect shot!

Kit Includes:

- 6 recoil bands
- 8 Screw Caps with Felt Pads

  • Hardware Replacement Kit
  • Brand: iScope

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