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12" Dutch Oven w/Kickstand
12" Dutch Oven Features:- 6-Quart custom design- 12” size with deeper dish (up to an inch deeper than other ovens) gives you more cooking options and offers better storage for your CampMaid tools.- Pre-Seasoned ready to use out of the box!- Serving Tab/Lever allows more control over the pot while serving and pouring food. Great for messy foods and not offered on most dutch ovens- Professional Grade Cast Iron- Double hooked, super thick handle for added leverage & durabilityKickStand - Lid Lifter & Holder Features:- Securely lifts dutch oven lid and holds it on its side out of the way like a kickstand, no other lid lifter can do this!- Great for setting hot lids aside for cooling, and helps keep them clean, and off of the table and out of the dirt- Breaks down and stores inside 12" dutch oven- Great for all kinds of lids, in the kitchen, campsite, or cabin- Fits all lids up to 16"Includes:- (1) CampMaid 6-Qt Dutch Oven- (1) KickStand - Lid Lifter & HolderShipping DimensionsItem Weight: 22.55 pounds.Billable Weight : 24 pounds.Dimensions: 13.5" (W) x 8.5" (H) x 13.5" (D)We compare the actual weight with the dimensional weight and use the higher one. Dimensional weight is figured by taking L x W x H and dividing by 166.Billable weight calculation: Item Weight (actual or dimensional) + .25 + 5% of the weight and then rounded to the next lb.Manufacturer InformationCampmaid6355 South Rodeo LaneMurray, UT 84121http://www.campmaid.com
CampMaid 6-Qt Dutch Oven & Lidlifter Combo
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Skillet Bag (60024)
CampMaid Small Skillet Bag


- Can hold 8" or 10" Skillet
- Can be used for CampMaid tools, utensils or general storage


- Size: 12" x 17" x 3"
- Weight: 5 oz.
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Lid Holder (60000)

Camp Side Lid Lifter For Cooking With Dutch Oven In The Outdoors


- Removes Dutch Oven Lid
- Removes lid and keeps it off the ground!
- Use as a serving stand and pot holder!
- Flip it over and use the lid as a skillet!
- Keeps food warm
- Lid lift and removal is easy safe and secure
- Turn stand upside down for cooking on lid
- Easily stored inside of a 12 or larger Dutch oven
- Handle is designed to not get hot when used properly
- Steel frame construction


- Fits all dutch oven sizes 8 10 12 14 16
- Weighs only 3 lbs!

  • Lid Lifter
  • Brand: Campmaid

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Charcoal Holder (60001)

Campmaid Charcoal/Wood Holder & Adjustable Heat Source


- Multi-use Heat Source for charcoal and wood
- Add wood chips for smoking food!
- Flip the CampMaid Lid Lifter to use Dutch Oven lid as a skillet use the charcoal holder for heating the skillet lid
- Holds charcoal in place for even heat
- Clamp on handle for adjustable cooking
- Use with other CampMaid tools or place it on the ground and put Dutch Oven directly on top of the coals
- Anodized steel tray for durability & convenience
- Great for starting charcoal with its air flow design

  • Charcoal Holder
  • Brand: Campmaid

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12 Dutch Oven (60003)

CampMaid 12 Dutch Oven


- Pre-seasoned 12 Dutch Oven
- 6-7 Quart
- Tab for easy pouring
- Sturdy handle

  • 12 Dutch Oven
  • Brand: Campmaid

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Flip Grill (60004)

CampMaid Flip Grill


- Attach Flip Grill to your CampMaid Lid Holder sold separately or in combo pack
- Simply Flip & Grill over the CampMaid Charcoal Holder sold separately or in combo pack
- CampMaid Charcoal Holder clips under grill for cooking!
- Raise and lower for desired heat!
- Can also be used as a Trivet or Steamer!

  • Flip Grill
  • Brand: Campmaid

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