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Crush Camera (L20B20)
Built with a lockable door design and water resistant construction. Features Flextime Time Lapse technology, HD video, and wide angle 16:9 aspect ratio image option. 1/2 second trigger speed ensures you won't miss pictures of fast moving game. Equipped with a built in color viewing screen. Resolution: 20 MP, Black Infrared Flash Range: 100 ft. Operates on (8) AA batteries (not included).


- 20 MP
- 100' Illumination/detection range
- 54 Piece invisible infrared LED's
- Built-in color TFT viewer
- FlextimeTime Lapse Technology
- Wide angle 16:9 aspect ratio images option
- 1/2 second rapid trigger speed
- Photo and HD 720p video (30sec) capabilities
- View Assist Technology
- Up to 32GB SD/SDHC card (card not included)
- Built in cable lock compatible system (cable not included)
- Backlit buttons
- Water resistant and weather endurable
- Can be mounted by strap or bungee cords (strap included)
- Uses 8 AA batteries (not included)

Also Includes:

- Adjustable Mounting Strap
- Flextime software CD


Dimensions: 10" x 5.6" x 3"
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Color: Black
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Command Ops (BTC 4-14)
Capture photos and movies of wildlife or other people in the field using the Browning Command Ops-14 Trail Camera, which takes 14MP stills and records HD 1280x720p video with sound. The camera features a passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor with a 55' detection range and a fast 0.67-sec trigger speed for capturing images in response to subject movement.

Additionally, an infrared LED flash with a 60' range is invisible so as not to spook game. Timelapse Plus shooting mode captures images at pre-set intervals over a designated period of time, and Browning's supplied BuckWatch Timelapse Viewer Software enables you to see patterns and change over that period. The camera is also capable of capturing up to 8 images in Multi-Shot mode and 4 in Rapid Fire mode
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Shot Trak HD Action Gun-camera (SOGCSHTR2)
Designed by Shooters for Shooters, the Shot Trak HD mounts on any rifle, handgun, or bow to capture incredible color video of your target in full HD (1920 x 1080p). Most action cameras today offer only a wide lens that may take great videos close up but fail miserably when attempting to capture your game at a distance. The Shot Trak HD delivers 5 times the Magnification of a standard action camera capturing your action perfectly every time. Its the best way to show off your victories to your friends and family back home and online.


- 5x the magnification of a standard action camera
- Tiniest full hd tactical solution
- Recoil proof
- Standard weaver mount mounts on all four sides of your weapon
- Full hd video record
- Military grade material
- Simple toggle switch operation
- Built in microphone


- Sensor: 5 Megapixel CMOS
- Resolution: 1920 x 1080 / 30 fps (Full HD)
- Video File:MPEG4 (H.264) .MOV File
- FOV: 20
- Range of Focus: 8 yards to
- Laser: 5 mW Red Laser with Windage & Elevation Adjustments
- Audio: Built-in microphone
- Storage: Micro SD card slot, support Micro SD card (2 to 32 Gb)
- Lens: Brilliant Lens
- Power: 1 x CR123A battery
- Operational Time: 20 hrs Laser Only
- 2 hrs Video Record
- Low Battery Indicator: Yes
- Water Resistant: Yes
- Mount: Standard Weaver Mount
- Dimensions: 66 x 33 x 46 mm / 2.6" x 1.3" x 1.8"
- Weight: 120 g /0.3 lb
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Action Cam Mount (XTA114)
Midland Radios Head Strap Mount

- Head Strap Mount
- Compatible with XTC100, XTC150, XTC200, XTC205, XTC260, XTC280, XTC285, XTC300, XTC310, and XTC350 cameras
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Nomad Camera Stick (NCS-631)
To date, fishing video journalists have had to rely on available materials, garage ingenuity and copious amounts of duct tape to capture the shots they've envisioned. The Nomad Camera Stick takes the GoPro generation to the next level with premium materials and features that greatly increase the ability to capture amazing video on a boat. The Nomad Camera Stick (NCS-631) measures 6'3" in length and is constructed from high-durability E-glass with a woven glass fiber outer wrap for enhanced rigidity. The core of the shafts design is to resist flexing when filming underwater from a still slow-moving boat. At the business end, a universal stainless steel tripod screw connects to camera adaptors (adaptor not included) to create a fast, solid and secure mount of the camera. Cushioned non-slip grips deliver the videographer a positive hold in both active and wet environments.


- Nomad Camera Stick
- Performance camera stick for outdoor sports enthusiasts
- Heavy duty E-glass rod construction for maximum durability
- Woven glass fiber outer wrap for additional support and strength
- Universal stainless steel tripod mounting screw. (Adapter not included)
- Non slip grips for underwater and active filming conditions
- Camera stick measures 75" with gimbal attached
- Additional 24" extender screws into rod butt. (Sold separately)
- Removable screw in gimbal comes with camera stick and extender
- Removable screw in leash offers security while filming
- Great for underwater filming situations
- Extender allows for full cockpit style shots when extended outside beyond the transom
- All screw in connections are heavy duty anodized aluminum

Note: Camera Not Included
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Genius Mount (3426)
The Genius Post Mount allows you to mount your camera without a tree. All metal construction. Positions your camera about 30 inches above the ground and allows camera to be tilted up and down for alignment.
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Water Wolf Underwater (WW-CAM-ACC)
Using the Water Wolf HD is easy. Tie it directly to your mainline or leader, about 3-feet in front of the lure or bait, turn it on, and go fishing. Perfect for cast and retrieve fishing, trolling, or bottom fishing, it also features an anti-wobbiing system for the clearest image quality possible. A system of three brass keel weights (6-, 9- and 12-grams) allow for fine tuning of recording angle for cast-to-catch or trolling videos of lures with different diving characteristics. The included float system also orients the camera vertically, delivering a bird's eye view of what's beneath. This allows you to anchor it over productive areas and watch how the fish behave when you leave as well


- Underwater camera specifically designed for fishing
- Use for trolling, casting, float or bottom rig carp fishing
- Anti-wobling retrieve
- 4 hours recording
- Tested down to 100 meters
- Uniquely designed and engineered in Denmark
- Protected by 3 different patents


- Water Wolf underwater camera
- Line tube
- EVA float
- Neoprene pouch
- Brass weights (3 pcs)
- USB charger cable
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Night Stryker (5199)
NIGHT STRYKER,Covert Scouting Cameras,HD Video, Audio, 12mp, Color Viewer, 40 High Power IR LED lights, Operates on 12 AA batteries


- 3-5-8-12mp resolutions
- .65 trigger speed
- 52
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Quick Release Camera Mount (MT61173)

Quick Release Camera Mount


- Type: Video Mount
- Style: Rail Mount
- Finish: Black
- Material: 6061T6 Aluminum b
- Gun Type: Railed
- Mount Type: Picatinny Rail/Weaver Style
- Length: 58 mm

  • Quick Release Camera Mount
  • Brand: Aimshot

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X-Change IR/C2Blue Series (1248)

The Cuddeback Long Range IR model C2 trail camera is the best Cuddeback IR camera ever! It features Cuddebacks worlds fastest 1/4 second trigger speed which means youll get more images with animals and fewer blanks. A new compact micro housing is ergonomic and handy.

Long Range IR technology gives you over 2 watts of IR illumination power and up to 100 ft. infrared flash range with no visible light output on the subject. Youll get superior IR image quality and images that are correctly exposed and stunningly clear with minimal motion blur.

- Batteries are not inlcuded

  • Cuddeback Long Range IR Model C2
  • Brand: Cuddeback

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CuddeSafe Size E (3327)

CuddeSafe is a heavy-duty metal enclosure made specifically to house your Cuddeback scouting camera. CuddeSafe will protect your camera from bears thieves vandals and the elements.

Protect your Cuddeback with the heavy-duty all-metal CuddeSafe enclosure. CuddeSafe is easy to install with a lag bolt and locks with a padlock not included. It features a flange that protects the padlock from bolt cutters.

If you use your Cuddeback for bears youll especially want a CuddeSafe bears are curious and if they discover your camera they just might chew it up. CuddeSafe protects your investment against an expensive camera mauling.

Just attach to a tree with a lag bolt insert your camera and put the cover and padlock on padlock not included.

  • CuddeSafe for C & E
  • Brand: Cuddeback

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Camera Security Box (MCA-12665)
Leave your Moultrie game camera out in the field, without worrying about it being stolen with the Moultrie Security Box. This security box is a 18 gauge powder coated steel box. It is uniquely designed to easily strap the back plate to a tree or other permanent structure and secure with lag bolts, keeping your camera safe and still usable. Use two different methods to secure your Moultrie game camera with a padlock in the front of the cast to secure the camera inside the box (padlock not included) and then use a Python cable, that will easily slide through holes in the the back of the security box to secure it to the tree (not included). Each type of Moultrie camera has a specific security box built for it, from the A-5s to Mini Cameras to the Panoramic, there is a security box made for your camera.


- Color: White Oak Camo
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Camera Battery Box (MCA-12604)
Extend the field life of your Moultrie camera with a long-lasting, rechargeable external power source. The Moultrie Battery box includes a rechargeable 12-volt battery, weather-resistant case, 6 weather resistant cord, and battery charger. The Battery Box is compatible with Moultrie game cameras from 2007 and later.


- Rechargeable 12-volt battery
- Weather-resistant case
- 6 ft. weather-resistant cord
- Includes battery charger
- Compatible with Moultrie 2007 and later digital game cameras
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Camera Straps, 2 Pack (MCA-12667)
This 2-pack of Moultrie Camera Mount Straps includes a set of 8' long, 1" wide straps to replace or upgrade your current trail camera straps. These straps easily slide into the eyelets on the side of the camera allowing you to loop the strap around a tree or other structure and then clip secure.


- Dimensions: 8' x 1"
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Browning Trail Camera SD Card (BTC 16GSD)
For maximum trail camera performance, They recommend using Browning brand SD cards in your trail cameras. All of our SD cards are SDHC class 6, insuring the fastest write speeds for high resolution photos and HD video clips.

Size: 16GB
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6MP Surveillance CamBlk Led Night Vision (119514C)

The Bushnell Surveillance Camera provides a perfect solution to monitor your property while you are away. This cordless surveillance system is weatherproof rugged and can be set up in less than 5 minutes - no software or wire hook ups! Ideal for hundreds of applications including monitoring rural property a vacation home boat slip or storage buildings - day or night. With 5MP high resolution images or 640x480 video you can easily see what happens while you are away. Compact size and long battery life will provide a discrete solution with low maintenance.

The Bushnell Black LED Cordless Surveillance Camera provides a perfect solution to monitor your property while you are away. This cordless surveillance system is weatherproof rugged and can be set up in less than 5 minutes.


- 20 Black LEDs provide a completely undetectable flash with a 35 reach for infrared night video & image capturing
- Hybrid Capture Mode records full resolution image followed by full resolution video
- Easy-to-use LCD menu display
- Motion-detected 1.6 second camera trigger speed for fast target acquisition
- Compact size 120mm x 94mm x 46mm for discreet camera placement in a variety of locations
- Digital 2MP & 5MP Photos & 640x480 pixel 30FPS videos
- Multiple shot mode up to 3 images per trigger on each motion event
- Adjustable photo delay :05 to :59 and 1:00 to 10:00 options
- Date Time and Moon Phase Imprint on every photo or video
- Auto focus auto exposure & auto white balance
- Runs off of 4 AA Batteries Energizer AA Lithium preferred
- Gasket sealed throughout for weatherproof protection in driving rain & snow
- Threaded 20 mounting socket adapts to standard tripods
- File format: Videos .AVI format / Photos .JPEG format
- Minimal camera sleep state resulting in 6 month+ battery life
- Includes a 4GB SD Card and supports up to a 32GB SD Card Sandisk brand preferred
- Comes standard with 90 pivoting bracket and 3 1 5/8 heavy-duty threaded screws


- Resolution Setting: 2 4 or 6 MP
- PIR Sensor: Low/Med/High
- Night Vision Flash: 20 Black LED 35
- LCD Display: B&W Text LCD
- Power Supply: AA 4
- Solar Compatible: No
- Battery Life: Up to 6 months
- Video Resolution: 640x480p
- Video Length: Up to 15 seconds
- SD Card Capacity: 32GB
- Audio Record: Yes

  • 6MP Surveillance Cam Black LED Night Vision
  • Brand: Bushnell

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Camera Bracket Blk Screw InAdjstble Head (119515C)

Bushnell Surveillance Camera Screw-in Bracket W/Adjustable Head

The Bushnell Surveillance Camera Screw-In Bracket is the perfect way to place your surveillance cam. The bracket screws into any tree or wood structure and the 1/4-20 threads into the bottom of your camera. The adjustable bracket head allows you to place your camera in a variety of positions for greater mounting flexibility.

- Screw-in bracket for Bushnell surveillance cams
- The perfect way to place your surveillance camera not included
- Screws into any tree
- 1/4-20 threads into bottom of cam
- Adjustable head allows mounting flexibility
- Dimensions in :0.50 x 9.30 x 7.00

  • Camera Bracket Black Screw In Adjustable Head
  • Brand: Bushnell

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Security Case Gray Metal Clam (119516C)

Bushnell Security Case Gray Metal

Bushnell Trophy Cam Bear Safe Security Case Trail Cameras allows high level of protection from game. This trail camera case by Bushnell can be used with Bushnell Deluxe Tree Bracketimage. Bushnell Trail Cameras Case also can be secured with lag screws or with Master Python lock. This Bushnell Trail Camera Accessory comes with key padlock. We are the largest online authorized distributors/dealer of Bushnell products. We guarantee the best service and price on Bushnell 119516 Bear Safe Case for Trophy Cam Trail Camera and all other Bushnell Trail Camera Accessories.

- High level of protection from game
- Can be used with deluxe tree bracket
- Can be secured with lag screws or with Master Python Lock
- Comes with keyed padlock

  • Security Case Gray Metal Clam
  • Brand: Bushnell

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Dummy camera for security useCamo (DUMMY)

Spy Point Dummy Camera for Security use Camo


- Camera housing that simulates a real surveillance camera
- Standard -20 threaded insert for tripod mounting
- Installation strap included
- The dummy cameras are actual SPYPOINT cameras housing sold without any electronic pieces. Viewed from the outside they all look like a real camera but empty inside
- Ideal to discourage thieves. When they spot the box they usually leave the scene but they can sometimes be inclined to steal them
- If a Dummy camera is placed in view while a real one is securely concealed this latter one will secretly photograph the thief in action

Package Includes:

- Dummy Camera
- Strap

Note: Assortment You will get casing for the 2N1 or BF-7. Both will still serve the same function

  • Dummy Camera for Security Use Camo
  • Brand: Spy Point

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8 MPWireless Trail Cam System250ftCamo (TINY-WBF)

This camera is an excellent choice for hunters that want to avoid disturbing their hunting spots because they have access to their photos via the BLACKBOX receiver. The wireless range between the TINY-WBF camera and the BLACKBOX receiver extends up to 250 ft. Therefore its possible to retrieve your photos while staying away from the monitored area. In case of theft or damage done to the camera this wireless backup system can be very effective.
This camera is compatible with the mySPYPOINT.com camera and photo management system.


- Compatible with mySPYPOINT.com online management service: Yes
- Wireless range: up to 250ft
- Wireless transmission of photos: Yes
- Photo: 8MP
- LEDs: 38 LEDs
- Type of LEDs: Invisible
- Viewing Screen: 2.4
- Nighttime capture mode: Black and white
- Stamp on pictures: Date time moon phase and temperature C/F
- Time-Lapse Mode: Yes
- Multi-shot mode: Up to 6 pictures per detection
- Continous mode: Yes
- Video: 480p
- Sound Recording: Yes
- Memory: Requires an SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB not included
- Power: 6 alkaline AA batteries not included
- Power: Rechargeable lithium battery pack LIT-09 not included
- Power: 12V Power jack
- Solar panel compatible: Yes
- Adjustable distance detection sensor: 5 to 65 ft
- Motion Sensor: 3 sensor covering 7 zones detection
- Automatic infrared level adjustment: Yes
- Ports: USB and TV-OUT
- Mount: Standard -20 tripod
- Dimensions: 4.7 W X 3.5 H X 2.7 D
- Dimensions: 12 cm L X 88 cm H X 68 cm P
- Instant trigger in Electricity mode: Yes when side sensors are on
- Adjustable operation period: Yes
- Jack: 12V/solar panel and external trigger jacks
- Color: Camo or black

Blackbox Receiver:

- Memory: Requires an SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB not included
- Power: 6 alkaline AA batteries not included
- Power: 12V Power jack

  • 8 MP Wireless Trail Cam System 250 ft Camo
  • Brand: Spy Point

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