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English Police Truncheon Clam Pack (91NPETZ)

The Truncheon employed by British Bobbies has always held a fascination for Cold Steel.Not only were these heavy sticks used as the tool of the trade for these tough-as-nails law enforcement officers against the criminal element of Victorian England but they also served as a symbol of authority and almost an Officers badge in their own right - with the Royal crest and his jurisdiction/department and number painted on the shaft. Frequently made from Lignum Vitae an incredibly heavy and dense hardwood these Truncheons were employed with devastating effect. Truncheons have a colorful history and techniques often included thrusting jabbing strikes rapping strokes and joint manipulation and locks but these were often abandoned in favor of simply clobbering an opponent with a heavy strike to the head! Much prized by collectors particularly overseas these beautiful sticks are often expensive and as they are made of wood often cracked warped mildewed and aged.

Cold Steels modern interpretation of these fascinating tools is not only good looking highly decorated with eye-catching details but its also precision injection molded from high-impact polypropylene making it amazingly impact resistant while being weatherproof and waterproof. Each Police Truncheon comes with a cord lanyard.


- Overall Length: 21 1/2
- Weight: 17.2 oz
- Thick: 1 1/4 to 1 3/4 Tapered Club
- Club Length: 15
- Handle: 6 1/2
- Material: Polypropylene

  • English Police Truncheon Clam Package
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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Ribbed Police Baton (91NP26RZ)

Cold Steels line of 26 standard Police Batons are made from injection molded high impact polypropylene with thick rubber retaining stopper for ease of carry. These hard wearing tools are designed for maximum performance in all conditions plus they wont crack warp or rot like traditional wooden models! The earliest supporters were military and law enforcement professionals and many of the products over the last three and a half decades have reflected Cold Steels respect and admiration for the Sheepdogs of the world who put themselves in harms way and walk toward danger each day. Cold Steel has been asked many times over the years to produce a series of impact tools for law enforcement and these Police Batons are Cold Steels answer to those requests.

Cold Steel is grateful for the valuable help and support of the law enforcement and military specialists who were involved heavily in the extensive research and development of these tools. Cold Steel also wants to extend special thanks to Guro Ron Balicki an internationally acclaimed Martial Artist who teaches stick and baton techniques to the French Anti-Terrorist Team RAID whose insight into the tactics and application of the baton for the Special Forces were invaluable in the design process.


- Weight: 14.0 oz.
- Thickness: 1 1/4
- Head: No
- Hammer Face: No
- Primary Face: No
- Hawk Length: No
- Height: No
- Blade Length: No
- Handle: No
- Steel/Material: Polypropylene
- Overall: 26
- Ribbed Handle Grip

  • Ribbed Police Baton
  • Brand: Cold Steel

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