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CompM4 (11972)
The electronic components in the CompM4 improve upon Aimpoints existing state-of-the-art ACET diode circuitry, allowing this sight to run constantly for over 8 years on a single AA battery. The CompM4 features an internal voltage regulator that allows the sight to operate on any AA size battery available worldwide. This sight features a 2 minute-of-angle (MOA) dot size, making it perfectly suited for use with Aimpoints 3XMagnifier scope module. The CompM4 is optimized for use with all generations of night vision devices, and features an extremely rugged and easy to use 16-position manual switch with 7 night vision compatible settings and 9 daylight settings. The CompM4 sight body is designed to protect both the optics and adjustment components against hard use, and is waterproof to 45 meters (150 feet).

The CompM4 also features an improved QRP2 Picatinny rail mount, eliminating the need for a separate mounting ring. This mount has over twice the clamping force of the original QRP, and features a lower and wider torque limiting knob to improve ease of use and lessen the chance of the sight base becoming snagged on other equipment. The mount is keyed into the sight to absorb recoil forces. Vertical and cantilever spacers are available to allow the sight to fit on all M16 rifle and M4 carbine variants. The sight can also be used on any other weapon with a Picatinny rail mounting system.

Optics Specifications:

- Magnification: 1X
- Eye Relief: Unlimited
- Reticle: Size 2 MOA
- Optical coating - Anti Reflex coating all surfaces. Multi-layer coating for reflection of Pass coating for NVD compatibility

Electronic Data:

- Battery Type: AA
- Battery Life, typical** 80,000 hours for good quality battery
- Switch, dot brightness 16 positions, 7 NVD, 9 daylight, of which 1 Extra bright

Mechanical Data:

- Material Housing: Extruded high strength aluminum
- Surface Finish: Hard anodized, matte, black
- Material Lens Covers: Rubber, matte, black
- Adjustment: 1 click - 16 mm at 100 meters - 1/2" at 80 yds.
- Mounting Keyed surface Patent pending mount keyed to the sight body to absorb recoil


- Length: 4.7"
- Width/Height: 2.1" x 2.4" sight only - 2.8" x 2.8" including mount
- Ring Width: none
- Weight: 9.3 oz. sight only - 11.8 oz. with integrated mount

Environmental Data:

- Temperature Range: -45C to +71C (-50F to 160F)
- Water Resistance: 150'
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Outer Rubber Cover (12225)
Outer Rubber Cover, Black
- Black
- Fits: M3/ML3
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9000L (11419)
Whether you are hunting deer, moose or bear, this full-length sight delivers unmatched performance and reliability. Primarily designed for rifles with standard or magnum-length actions, the 9000L can handle the most extreme hunting conditions. Like all Aimpoint sights, the 9000L is built to handle heavy recoil and is the favorite of big game, rifle hunters around the world.

Unique Features:

- Ideal for big game and sport-shooting rifles with standard or magnum-length action and semi-automatic rifles
- 2-ring configuration fits nearly all 30mm-ring mounting systems (Rings are Included)
- ACET technology allows 50,000 hours of operation on one battery
- 2 MOA
- Fully waterproof - Submersible to 15'

Optical Specifications:

- Operating Principle: Reflex collimator sight with LED
- Optical Magnification: 1x
- Aiming Dot Size: 2 MOA
- Dot Intensity: Visible against a background luminance of 0.1 to 55,000 lx
- Optical Signature: N/A
- Dot Color: Peak Wavelength: 650
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Flip Cap (12223)
Aimpoint Front Flip Cap

- For Comp sights & 9000 sights
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30mm Ring (12194)
The Aimpoint 30mm ring with integral base is just what you need to mount your Aimpoint. It is designed for use with the CompM2, ML2, M3 and ML3. The base will work with QRP2, QRW2 and LRP mounts.

Color: Matte Black
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Mount (12436)
Aimpoint T-1 Micro Mount Kit


- Color: Black
- Material: Aluminum
- 1 Piece
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Micro Tool (12207)
The Aimpoint Micro Tool is designed for maintaining and making adjustments to your Aimpoint red dot sight.


- For windage and elevation adjustment of the sight.
- For tightening/removing the sight from its integrated mount.
- For tightening/removing the battery cap.
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Rings (12229)
Aimpoint 30mm Scope Ring Set, matte black, medium height, aluminum.


- Fits: Aimpoint 7000 series of red dot sights with 30mm tubes
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Lenscover Flip-Up Sight, Transparent (12240)
This Transparent Lens Cover from Aimpoint allows you to see your target even when the cover is closed.


- Fits: The ocular on Comp series and 9000 series sights
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Flip to Side Mount (200248)
The Aimpoint FlipMount is a quick attach/detach mount that can be quickly flipped in or out of the optical axis. The FlipMount is designed primarily for use with Aimpoint magnifiers, but can also be used to mount other optical equipment with a 30mm tube.

Size: Low

Note: Requires Twist Mount Base
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TwistMount base only (12236)

Aimpoint Twist Mount Base


- Separate quick release base for the 3X Magnifier Twist Mount that fits on a Picatinny rail.

  • Twist Mount Base
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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3X-1 Magnifier no mount (11324)

The 3XMag magnifying module is specially designed for compatibility with Aimpoint sights and for maximum flexibility and increased performance in the field. The 3XMag is a revolutionary tool for military personnel law enforcement sport shooters and hunters. When combined with Aimpoints patented TwistMount the 3XMag gives the user something never before possible - the ability to switch in a split second from CQB Close Quarters Battle to semi-sniping and vice versa. Hunters can rapidly switch from non-magnifying to magnifying while still being able to keep their Aimpoint sight on their firearm. The versatile 3XMag also can be used as a handheld magnifying glass monocular for discrete observation and identification.

The recommended mount for the 3XMag is the Aimpoint Twist Mount which allows for quick attachment and detachment. The Aimpoint TwistMount fits any Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail.

System: Magnifying Module

Magnification: 3X
Eye relief: at 5 FOV 40 90 mm at full FOV 60 65 mm

Unique features:

- Mountable on a rail system behind Aimpoint sights
- Extremely fast and ingenious mounting solution Twist Mount - Picatinny
- Can also be mounted with a regular 30 mm ring
- Provides extended range to the operator
- Combines the best of two worlds - CQB & semi-sniping
- Increases confidence performance and flexibility
- No influence on point of impact - No need for re-zeroing the sight
- Doubles as handheld magnifying monocular

- Twist Mount not Included

  • 3XMag Magnifying Module
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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LaRue Tact. Hi. Mnt LT660 AR15 (11465)

LaRue Tactical Mount


- Allows Micro T-1 or H-1 sights to be mounted at the ideal height for use with AR15 rifle/M4 Carbine
- Locking quick release lever for secure mounting
- Correct height for use with 3X Magnifier
- High

  • LaRue Tactical High Mount LT660 AR15
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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Micro 11mm Dovetail groove mount (12215)

Micro Dovetail Mount


- Replacement mount base that allows Micro sight to be used on any rifle pistol or shotgun equipped with a dovetail groove on the receiver.
- Perfect for rimfire rifles & pistols.
- Dimensions: 1.875 W x 1.625 H x 2.625 D

  • Micro Dovetail Mount
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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Glock Pistol Mt for Micro Sights (12437)

Aimpoint Glock Mount


- Pistol mount for micro sights
- Allen wrench 4 screws and adhesive

  • Glock Pistol Mount for Micro Sights
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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AR15 Forward Extension Space (12193)

Forward Extension Spacer Kit


- Color: Black

  • Forward Extension Spacer Kit
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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LRP Lever Release modular base only (12198)

LRP Base fits M4. Superior durability and fast target acquisition capabilities its easy to see why Aimpoint is so often the reflex sight of choice for military police hunters and shooting enthusiasts around the world.


- LRP Base fits M4
- Color: Black
- Easy to use

  • LRP Base Only
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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AR15 Spacer fits QRP3 andTwistMount (12227)

Aimpoint Spacer


- Spacer for QRP/QRW and Twist Mounts
- Raises height of optical axis from 30 to 39 mm
- Includes screws and allen key

  • Spacer for QRP/QRW and Twister Mount
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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Micro Spacer High 39mm AR15/M4 Carbine (12358)

Aimpoint Spacer


- High Micro AR15/M4 Carbine
- 39mm
- Screws and tool

  • Spacer High Micro AR15/M4 Carbine
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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3X-1 MAG 3x magnifier/twist mount (12071)

There are many uses for this 3x20mm magnifier tube including as a handheld monocular. It is best used when mounted behind an Aimpoint sight; this gives 3x magnification through the tube while still having the Aimpoints illumination visible. Different mounting options are also available for any firearm with a Picatinny-style rail using the Aimpoint TwistMount system or with standard 30mm rings. Anodized aluminum with a rubber cover makes this magnifier waterproof up to 67 feet.


- Ring Width: 30mm
- Eye Relief: at 5 Field of View 40-90mm at Full Field of View 60-65mm
- Mounting: 30mm Tube Also has Four Screw Holes in the Bottom Surface for Alternate Mounting
- Length: 4.30
- Width and Height: 1.70 x 1.60
- Weight: 7.1 oz
- Surface Finish: Anodized Aluminum Rubber Covered


- Waterproof to 67 feet
- Intended to be mounted with the Aimpoint TwistMount system may also be mounted with a 30mm ring.
- May be used as a handheld monocular.
- Designed so it may be used mounted behind an Aimpoint sight giving 3x magnification through this tube while still having the Aimpoints illumination visible.

  • Magnifier 30mm Tube 3x20mm with Twist Mount and Spacer Matte Black
  • Brand: Aimpoint

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